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WoW TBC Classic Best professions you can try
Professions have always played an important role in World of Warcraft. But their importance is compounded by the growing importance of making powerful equipment in TBC.

In Classic, most of the crafting professions were dedicated to making consumables, and top guilds needed engineering because engineers could use explosives to increase DPS in raids.

However, this has changed in TBC. Other professions gain tremendous value in providing well-made equipment that is unique to that profession.

All raids in TBC require skinning due to the war drums, but some changes introduced by Blizzard make it necessary for only a few players, not all.

All major craft trades offer value for at least one occupation or specialization. Here are some of the top reasons that speak for any profession

Alchemy in TBC is a powerful profession for making gold. Conversions like "Primal Power" have great value as the game progresses, and many players will be willing to spend a lot of gold to get them at the beginning.

The class receives additional benefits from the newly introduced cauldrons, which can supply entire raids with important protective potions. The new Alchemy Stones can be used as trinkets and are useful for healers in certain situations.

Most players with Alchemist will only do this to make potions and metamorphoses. This isn't exactly what many players want to be the main character for their raid.

The one-handed wolf weed dragon maw is one of the most powerful crafting items in TBC. Because of this, most melee professions will have blacksmithing as one of their trades.

Dragonmaw can also be upgraded during the TBC, so warriors and shamans can maintain this profession throughout the expansion.

Additionally, blacksmiths can earn TBC gold Classic by making various items such as weapon stones, weapon chains, and temporary armor upgrades for items.

This profession is highlighted in TBC by a ring enchantment that only enchanters can benefit from. It's only marginally better than what everyone gets, so it probably isn't the deciding factor in whether or not you go enchanted.

The main reason to be enchanted is to make gold by enchanting other people's equipment or helping your guild. Most guilds want at least one guild enchanter who can pick up any valuable enchantment recipes that fall into raids. It's no different in classical music.Also, you can buy gold at to save your time.

Enchanting will also be the profession of choice for some people who run loads of five-man dungeons and get loot that they don't need. Discarded equipment can be dismantled and converted into more valuable materials for enchanting equipment.

Engineering has lost some of its value in TBC. But just because it's not mandatory doesn't mean it doesn't have all of the explosive toys it used to have.

Explosives, engineering, and grenade items are still useful in TBC, and PvP players will want craftable engineering goggles that improve stealth detection.

While these goggles won't be available at the start of TBC, expect many players to resort to the tech when they become available in later patches to help them handle those pesky stealth sessions in arena battles.

<strong>Jewelery cutting</strong>
Jewelry crafting is primarily a money making course. There are some special gemstones in TBC that only jewel cutters can use, but they are only slightly better than what anyone else can use.

The profession is also attractive for PvP players, as the "Shadow Song Panther" trinket can both increase stealth detection and significantly increase attack power.

The gem is considered to be one of the best jewelry for thieves who are the top class in the arena.

<strong>Leather processing</strong>
This profession was once considered a must have for any marauder in TBC, but the changes Blizzard made to Drums of Combat have significantly nerfed this profession.

Some classes will use the profession early on for some crafting and armor upgrades, but leatherworking is mostly used for battle drums.

Despite the nerf, raids still want at least one leatherworker in each raid group. Overall, that means you must have at least five raiders with leatherworking skills in a 25 man raid.

Tailoring will be the go-to profession for dressed professions like the warlock, which is the strongest DPS profession in TBC.

The profession provides numerous powerful pre-raid pieces of gear and also gives Warlocks their best-in-slot two-piece Spellstrike set.

Meanwhile, there are three types of special cloth that tailors can create, similar to Classic’s Mooncloth, that can be used to craft various goodies and gear. Just like Mooncloth, all three types of cloth are on a multiple-day cooldown, so they’ll be highly sought after early in Phase One.
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